Rivers Computer Systems | Warehouse Management System
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Stock Management System

We have incorporated three important functional aspects to meet the needs in a warehousing operation environment. These three important functional aspects are Stock Management, Warehouse Management and Warehouse Revenue Management.

This function will enable the Warehouse Operator to fully utilize the warehouse space to its maximum storage capacity. Hence it will increase the revenue from Rental collection.

It also captures all locations of goods stored in a single or multiple warehouses. This will help to save time and manage the warehouse better. All movement on stock in/out of the warehouse is also incorporated in this system.

Warehouse Revenue is another, if not the most important component in a Warehouse environment.

Rivers WMS – SMS has it very own comprehensive and flexible Warehouse Billing module to process calculation of warehouse rental and In/Out handling charges.

The system will automatically calculate the Rental Charges with a single click of the mouse and all rental charges by the Weekly, Monthly, Fortnightly, Flat Rate including In/Out Handling charges will be generated for Billing.

Maintain and manage the inventories in the warehouse. It will keep track of all the movement, balances inventories, and provide online updating once the transaction is complete.

This is to ensure that users will be able to obtain the most updated data at any point of time.

Generate various inventory reports and provide inquiry screens for ad-hoc query from customers.

Billing System

We have incorporated three important functional aspects to meet the needs in a service operation environment. These three important functional aspects are Job Management, Customer & Contractor Management and Management Reports.

Most of the warehouse operators do provide Added Value Services such as transportation, re-packing, local deliveries etc. This function allows users to group various services to create a standard job sheet. It also provides the flexibility to edit the services as and when is necessary.

BILL System allows a Job Sheet to be created on the nature of the job with the relevant services needed stipulated in it. The BILL Module for billing the customers at a later date or when the job is completed will capture all transactions.

Rivers WMS BILL module can monitor the Job Costing on a per Job basis for all the services provided and cost incur in a particular job. The system compares the cost and the billing amount and provides a Cost analysis.

The main function aspect of Billing Module is to keep track of all value-added services provided by the company.

This function allows users to maintain a set of quotation agreed by both parties and any future transaction will be based on this quotation for billing to the customers. This will help to save time and eliminate error on pricing.

It provides customers billing processes from generating of invoices. Credit note/debit note and contra facilities are also incorporated into this module.

This module generates management reports such as Sales Analysis Report, Job Management Report etc. for higher management staff to analyze the business situation of the company.

This will help to justify an investment’s decision and identify a company future direction in Sales & Marketing Strategy.

Web Based Stock Balance and Stock Movement is also available as an optional module. This will enable customers to access to their stock balance via Internet. Printing of Stock Balance Reports for the customer as they view and save it on their Personal Computer and print it at their own premises. With this Optional Application it will help save time, money and providing a better service to the customers.

On-line Reports:

  • Stock Balance
  • Stock Movement
  • Stock Aging

More reports can be customized into the system as and when required.

RF module was developed to help warehouse operator to improve the operation. Besides, improving the operation process it also improved the stock accuracy due to less manual data input.

This module allows scanning of barcode via mobile scanners and will improved the efficiency of receiving, location transfer and outbound of goods. The RF system allows scanning of location, pallets, pieces and stock take function.

Financial System (AR, AP & GL)

We have incorporated Financials systems which makes up four modules: Account Receivables (AR), Account Payable (AP), General Ledger (GL) and Open Item Maintenance. This system will manage the company accounts and provide most up to date information on company Finance status.

This Open Item Maintenance will allow users to maintain a set of outstanding documents carried forward from the previous months’ transactions.

This will eliminate time spent on referring to documents manually for outstanding documents.

This module will keep track on all the details on payment made to the company by customers, such as forms of payment and details of payments etc.

This module will keep track of all the payments made to contractors by the company, such as forms to payments and details of payments etc.

This module will allows users to generate trial balance, profit/loss and balance sheet and all the financial reports to analyze the financial status of the company.

It also generates instant reports such as cash book and bank book that will reflect the company status of cash flow at any point of time.


An information system with multi user environment needs a proper security system control, each user of PWMS is assigned a group level and each level is only able to access certain function.

All level of access must be set up before PWMS goes operational.

There is also an audit trail or log file in layman terms for tracing of the past transactions or modifications to the system. All transactions performed in PWMS will be logged with the date/time, user ID, document number and type of operation performed. This log file can be viewed anytime.

This administration level is the mandatory for the PWMS system. In this level, you are able to specify a universal set of codes for referencing by the entire PWMS system and users. Some examples are currency code, country code, customer information, accounts code etc.

The system administrator appointed by the management can easily update this information and to print a list of codes.

In the administration level consists of four modules:

  • Code Maintenance
  • System Utilities
  • Security Information Management
  • Setting

Each module is designed to function independently or with an option to integrate with the Accounting Module and Stock Management Module.