Rivers Computer Systems | Legal Accounting System
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LAS, that is also known as Legal Accounting System, is specifically designed to suit law office needs. The primary function is to provide time recording facilities, control client trust account in terms of deposit received and disbursement incurred, and to fully automate the billing process to emanate comprehensive and accurate billing in terms of professional fees and disbursements incurred (taxable and non-taxable items). In addition to this, it also provides a full accounting module to control your office accounts and to generate financial reports such as Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet.

VB.net, Microsoft latest programming tool was used to develop this product that allows users to use database from MSDE Express or SQL Server. This new system can be used in local area network or via Internet.

LAS is a fully integrated on-line system comprising of four distinct but related modules to help law firms manage their practice, they are:

Client and Matter Module

The Clients and Matters Module provides you with one central function to manage all your matters and clients. The Module brings together all the client information in one place where you can view and access all matter related activities and up-to-date information including:

  • Number of files open
  • Accounts Balances – Client Trust, Stakeholder, Time Deposit
  • Billing/Collection Summary
    • Total Billing Collected – further breakdown by professional fees and other expenses
    • Total Collection and Write-offs(if any)
    • Total Outstanding
    • Total Unbilled Disbursement
    • Total Work-in-progress unbilled fees

Time and Billing Module

The Time and Billing Module is a complete time tracking and cost information for each solicitor or each client matter. The system enables you to check on productivity as well as the relative contribution to profit of different client matters.


  • Maintains Charge rate for each fee earner
  • Provides Timesheet Entry for entering all time spent in terms of hours for each activity performed on any matter.
  • Generates reports such as Fee Earner Cost Report, Introducer Cost Report, Fee Earner Time Charge, Unbilled/Billed Time Charge Summary, Daily Timesheet, Work-in-Progress (By Fee Earner, By Client, By Matter).

Invoicing Module

The Invoicing Module is designed to automate the billing process for services rendered to client by drawing disbursements from the Expense Ledgers and professional fees from the unbilled time sheets. Get detailed tax invoice printouts and provide receipting functions from client as well.


  • Maintains Charge Table for all kinds of services rendered such as professional fees, disbursement incurred, administrative and incidental charges etc
  • Generates Draft bills by specifying the incurred date range by matter file and the system will automatically computes the total disbursements incurred and professional fees earned from the time sheet details
  • Provides Invoice Entry (gather information from draft bill) to capture the details of the bill to be rendered to the client.
  • Provides Credit Note Entry if there is any overcharging or waiving of invoices.
  • Provides Receipt Entry to allow partial or total payment for individual invoices
  • Generate Reports such as Summary of Total Billing, Department Total Billing By Partner, Monthly Invoice Information, Monthly Receipt Information, Outstanding Report, Aging Analysis, Statement of Accounts, Official Receipts and Receipt and Paid Bills by Partner

Accounts Module

The Accounts Module is a complete law office accounting application that tracks all vouchers such as payment, petty cash, sales and receipt etc., and generates financial reports such as Profit/Loss Statement and Balance Sheet.


  • Provides Voucher Entry – support all kinds of vouchers such as payment, receipt, receivable recoverable, invoice, credit slip and matter journals.
  • Provides inquiry/response on voucher details, ledger activities and ledger balances
  • Generates Official Receipts
  • Generates Reports such as Trial Balance, P/L Statement, Balance Sheet, General Ledger Report, Matter Ledger Report, Total Matter Ledger By Partner, Daily Un-posted/Posted Voucher , Monthly Office G/L Movement Reported, New Client Balance Report, Accounts Comparison Report.