Rivers Computer Systems | Transport Management And Accounting System
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Rivers Transport Management & Accounting System was specifically designed locally to meet the needs of SME TRANSPORT operators to increase their business and maximized their resources to meet the increasing demands from their customers.

With decreasing profitability, higher business cost, demanding customers, Rivers TMS can help your organization to maximize your transportation capacity and human resource to provide a better service to your customers. Rivers Computer Systems Pte Ltd. categorizes this industry into Three Operational Aspects. This covers the Operation, Billing and the Financial.

Rivers TMS, Transport Management Module will provide real time detail on the Job Order received and movement of vehicles and the status of each job done. We have incorporated a very comprehensive process for scheduling of vehicles and drivers and the various types of services and equipment needed for a particular job. With this Scheduling in operation, it will provide important information to the operator as to whether the driver or the vehicle is available for another job quickly. This will maximized your resources to its optimum capacity, thus increasing revenue for the company.

Once jobs are being scheduled and confirmed by customers, all information like “Push Off Time” and completion time are recorded in the system. With a click with the mouse, operator can easily respond to customers’ queries quickly and efficiently thus improving customer service.

The Billing Module allows all value added services to be billed according to per job sheet basis or multiple Job sheets in one Invoice. This module will capture all transactions such as stuffing/unstuffing, documentation and payments made on behalf of customer etc. for every job sheet. All information pertaining to the services provided in the Job Order will be automatic pull to the JOB SHEET for billing purposes. Thus making sure that all payment made on behalf of the customers’ will not over looked and Invoice accordingly.

Drivers’ Incentives is also being incorporated into the system. This function will automatically calculate the driver incentive based on a set of criteria, thus eliminating tedious manual calculation and saving time.

The Financial Module incorporates the Account Receivable, Account Payable and General Ledger. This module provides your organization Account Aging, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance and Profit & Loss.

Once the billing module is integrated with the financial system, all transaction will be captured automatically by the respective modules. No wastage of precious time in invoicing and eliminating unnecessary error in data entry.

Rivers Transport Management & Accounting System is a very flexible system. It allows user to decide which module your organization needs most and expand at your own pace. All Three RVS TMS modules can run as a standalone or in a Multi User integrated system. With all the benefits mentioned above, Rivers TMS is definitely a Value for a system that will help increased productivity, maximized resources, increased revenue, maintain or reduce cost and improved customer service.